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How to Find the “Best” Family Law Attorney in Austin Texas?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

This article is meant for those looking for a good family law attorney in Austin Texas.

I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisements pop up on Google or other search engines. Maybe you yourself have typed in the term “best family law attorney in Austin Texas” or some type of derivation of this, such as “good divorce lawyer in Austin Texas,” or “top super family law attorney in Austin Texas.” These terms are such prevalent click-bait that Google and other search engines often even suggest how to complete them.

Inevitably, though, when making these types of searches a slew of attorneys’ profiles and law-firms pop up. There are so, sooo many…. it is difficult to choose the right one, to say the least...

Top Rated Lawyers All Around!

Also, wasn’t Yelp supposed to be for restaurants? Yikes!

It truly can be difficult to pick the right attorney from this seemingly endless crowd when you’re already upset with the prospect of a divorce or other major life change.

In fact, when beginning a divorce or taking your child’s other parent to court, choosing the right family law attorney can mean the difference between a resolution that can either minimize the pain for both sides or can lead to protracted warfare that only makes things worse for everyone...financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Worse yet, if you have kids, they often get caught up in the crossfire of this process.

"Super" Divorce Lawyers in Austin Texas - Ha! Don't make me laugh!

It's an obvious truism that there is no “best” family law attorney or "super" divorce attorney in Austin Texas…in an absolute sense anyway. In fact, many of these types of titles are gimmicks. They typically mean that the attorneys possessing those titles forked out even more money to be "awarded" these titles.

Picture of "Super" "Top" "Best" Lawyer

Even though finding a reliable divorce attorney in Austin Texas may be daunting, there are likely one or more good family law attorneys in and near the Austin Texas area that are right for you. But how should you go about finding them? What should you look for?

Family law attorneys and clients should be like battle buddies. They should trust each other, be responsive to each other, and have open communication with each other. You should feel a positive energy from a good local divorce attorney in Austin Texas that can get you through the most difficult times. For that, it’s essential that you find an attorney that has the same values as you.

In fact, looking for a good family law attorney in Austin can feel a bit like dating. You often have to meet quite a few candidates before you really find the right one for you. And that can get expensive! Attorney Timothy Griswold understands this very well, and so offers free 15-minute consultations.

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If you are the type of client that wants to use the court system to abuse the other side, you won’t find that with Griswold Law Firm as we strive to minimize conflict when at all possible; but when conflict is inevitable due to the actions of the OTHER SIDE, we also defend our clients fiercely. The goal of Griswold Law Firm, which specializes in family law services in the Austin Texas area, is to provide a satisfying resolution and justice for our clients based on their unique situation and desires.

Some steps to go about finding a good attorney in or near to Austin Texas whose values matches your own and whom you can trust and rely on are laid out below.

Personal Referrals are Often a Great Way to Begin Looking for a Good Attorney

Personal referrals are often the best place to start when you are looking for the right family lawyer in Austin Texas. Checking first with your friends and relatives can provide insight into how others close to you have dealt with difficult times, such as their own or a friend’s divorce or child custody battle. A personal recommendation will typically help you to understand the personality and values of a recommended lawyer rather than simply relying on a seemingly endless sea of photographs, paid advertisements, and other algorithms that cannot possibly tell you how that attorney actually is as a person and whether you can get along with and trust that person. Lawyers also typically prefer personal referrals, as often the best clients and the best attorney-client teams come from referrals, not marketing campaigns.

Finding the Right Family Law Attorney in Austin Texas for You Online

If you aren’t comfortable asking a friend or family member for a referral for a divorce lawyer in Austin Texas, checking online can still be a viable option. You just need to know what to look for. When searching for a lawyer online, it’s best to scroll past the ads or sponsored links to find what Google calls “organic” links. The lawyers in the paid advertising spots are just trying to get volume. They often spend a massive amount of money to do so.

More overhead, however, does not translate into better quality. It typically means the attorney(s) have more pressure to get volume. Because of this, unfortunately, attorneys who spend large sums of money on advertisements are also much more likely to treat you with a cookie-cutter approach, as if you are on some type of an assembly line.

Clients in an Assembly Line

Also because of that, you often won’t even be able to talk directly with such attorneys without having to wade through a morass of receptionists and paralegals.

Help! It's almost neck deep now!

Also, attorneys with large overhead almost never offer free consultations. Obviously, it can be difficult at best for clients to pay the consultation fees of several lawyers or law firms to find the best family law lawyer in or near Austin Texas.

The lawyers or law firms that come up in searches organically, however, are often smaller enterprises with lower overhead and operating costs; because of this, they are often much better candidates for a close and trusting attorney-client relationship. They will also often be more apt to spend individual time and attention on your case and really get to know you as a person to better understand your unique needs.

The best way to know if you can work well with an attorney is by talking with them. Let your instincts be the judge! Because Attorneys in the organic listings often have less overhead, they are often willing to talk with you in a short consultation for free. If attorneys love the work they do and truly love helping others, which are attributes that add considerable intangible value in any profession, they will want to know you are a good match for them as well.

Additionally, it's prudent not to fall into thinking that a solo attorney doesn’t have the skills of bigger law firm associates or partners. In fact, they often have better skills. They are also typically more personable, more flexible, and will take greater ownership over your case.

Many, like attorney Timothy Griswold, who went to a top-tier law school on a full-tuition scholarship due to his proven record of academic achievement, intentionally chose the route of a small firm after a stint in the active-duty USAF JAG Corps so he could have flexibility to do something that he loves while also helping people he values. Graduating without law-school debt gave him the ability to do this.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys – Griswold Law Firm

At Griswold Law Firm, attorney Timothy Griswold understands the challenge of finding a good family law attorney in Austin Texas very well. That’s why he does not charge for initial consultations. While he might not be able to dive into detailed legal minutiae of your case in the 15-minute free consultations he offers, 15 minutes is often all it takes to get a feel for one another. Both attorney and potential client should feel we are a good match for one another before we enter into a contract.

Our free consultations can be done virtually or over the phone. If after the free consultation, you would like to have a more in-depth meeting in person before making a choice, we can meet on a paid basis.

A good attorney-client team can go a long way to help ease the difficult transition you are about to make. Make sure to choose wisely. You have nothing to lose by giving us a call.

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