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Civil Litigation


In a perfect world, there would be no reason for laws or attorneys.  We could all peacefully and honorably settle all disputes with others.  In fact, there would likely be no disputes at all.  But in this world, disputes are inevitable, and those who have breached contracts or hurt others through negligence are very unlikely to voluntarily compensate the injured party.  That's where the law has power.  When the judicial cogs begin churning, it forces parties to sit at the negotiation table and negotiate under the shadow of the law.  This negotiation process itself resolves disputes over 95% percent of the time.


If a resolution is not reached through the negotiation process, though, the dispute must be resolved through trial. Given the high rate at which cases settle, most attorneys do not have experience with the trial process.  The attorneys associated with Griswold Law Firm have extensive litigation experience.  This helps in all aspects of the legal process and enhances leverage during pre-trial negotiations.  It's always more difficult to negotiate with somebody who knows how to handle the end game.   


See the About page and Attorney page for more information on my firm's philosophy and my legal experience.


If you have any issues relating to the following areas call or send us an email.  

  • Personal Injury

  • Contract Disputes

  • Fraud

  • Commercial/Business Litigation & Disputes

  • Real Estate Disputes

  • Tort Litigation


我也会讲流利的普通话 (或者“国语”),可以帮助华人客户解决民事诉讼领域上的各种法律问题。要是有以上有关的法律事宜需求,敬请联系我, 我愿意以我丰富的知识和经验为你提供优质的法律服务。如果您想了解更多有关我律师事务所的基本原则或者法律经验请点 About 页或者Attorney 页。



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