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Attorney Biography


Garry Barbadillo Picture.jpg

Garry Barbadillo 

Garry has been a practicing lawyer for thirteen years.  He is licensed to practice law in California. Garry is also an active resident of Milpitas, California.  He frequently volunteers his time in various civic, non-profit and community affairs, and was elected for a four-year term as a City Council member for the city of Milpitas (2014 - 2018).  Garry has worked with Griswold Law Firm as of counsel since 2014, particularly on issues relating to family law.  Garry holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, a Masters of Art in Public Administration, and a Juris Doctor (JD) degree.  Prior to this time, he was a court clerk for the Santa Clara Superior Court system, in which capacity he gained thorough knowledge of the inside workings of the court system.  

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