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Family Law


Besides the death of a loved one, divorce is one of the most stressful things a person can face in life.  In light of this, Griswold Law Firm strives to minimize the stress and harm associated with divorce whenever possible. If both parties are reasonable, the divorce process can typically go very smoothly.  If one or more parties are not reasonable, however, divorces can often drag on for quite a while and can be very expensive.  In all cases, when hiring Griswold Law Firm, clients should expect honest, neutral, and humanistic advice, with an approach uniquely tailored to the specific circumstances of each case. We strive to the greatest extend possible to minimize the negative aspect, cost, and length of divorce. 

Read more about the overall divorce process in Texas

​Before beginning the divorce process, make sure that divorce is the right choice for you.  You can read more about this topic at the following link: How to Avoid Getting a Divorce


When you've made a firm decision to get a divorce or have been served with papers by your spouse, you have a wide range of choices for attorneys.  You may even be inclined to undertake your own defense.  Read more about the pros and cons of representing yourself by clicking on this link.  If you choose to hire an attorney, read more about how to go about finding the best attorney for you at this link.


Griswold Law Firm offers free 15-minute consultations to help you determine if we are the right firm for you.  Call us  at (512) 575-5816 or send an email to to set up a free consultation.  You can also contact us from the page at this link or from the button at the bottom of this page.


Griswold Law Firm handles all aspects of divorces and related proceedings:

  •  Divorce

  •  Mediation

  •  Annulment

  •  Legal Separation

  •  Child Support

  •  Spousal Support/Alimony

  •  Child Custody/Visitation

  •  Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) proceedings

  •  Modification of Orders

  •  Paternity

  •  Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders

  •  Prenuptial Agreements/Postnuptial Agreements

  •  Property Valuation and Division

  •  Contempt Hearings

  •  Attorneys Fees Request

Griswold Law Firm also offers unbundled family law services for cost-conscious clients.  What that means is that we will help you navigate the divorce process at any stage needed.

Mr. Griswold is a family law and civil litigation lawyer in around Travis County Texas, including Austin, Bee Cave, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Plugerville, etc. 


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