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Successful legal outcomes are achieved by paying meticulous attention to the factual and legal issues of each case, by maintaining the highest standards of honesty and competence, and by carefully formulating appropriate strategies based on each client's needs.


The law can be a powerful tool if used correctly. My firm has the experience, knowledge, and diligence to do so.  I handle each case with mindfulness, integrity, and conscientiousness. More importantly, I am an experienced litigator, whom you can trust to zealously and diligently advocate your case.



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How to Evaluate Attorneys

Choosing a lawyer that will obtain the best results for you, who you feel comfortable with, and who is responsive to your unique situation is very important!  Below I explain why you should hire me for your divorce case.


You want to choose an attorney who primarily practices the area in which you are having a legal issue and who understands how the settlement process and litigation work together. I have practiced family law for over ten years and I have had extensive experience litigating cases in the South Bay area. 



Importance of Knowing Subject Matter Well and Never Giving Up (Chinese Fable of Thousand Mile Horse): 


A man named Sun Yang lived during the Spring and Autumn Period of China between 770 and 476 BC.  Sun Yang was famous for his ability to recognize the strengths, weaknesses, and distinct characteristics of horses at a mere glance. Because of this ability, he soon became known by the nickname "Bo Le."  Bo Le was a mythical deity in charge of heavenly steeds.

Griswold Law Firm offers legal services in civil litigation, business compliance, and family law in and around the Austin, Texas area (i.e., Travis County, Williamson Count, etc.)