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Read below regarding the firm philosophy:


Firm Philosophy 




The Taijiquan (太极拳)classics say that a person possessing the proper technique and energy can move one thousand pounds with only four ounces of force.  


As long as one possesses the right mindfulness, uses the right effort, and applies the right techniques, the soft can overcome the hard, the relaxed can overcome the tense, and the enlightened can overcome the benighted. 


This approach makes a big difference for clients because it saves them money while maximizing their chances of successfully resolving disputes.  




Although Griswold Law firm can't guarantee a certain outcome, as sometimes the facts or the law, or both, may not fully support a client's position, we can guarantee that although we will always zealously advocate on our client's behalf, we will never use one thousand pounds of force at the client's expense to resolve an issue than can be handled with only four ounces of force.  


In other words, clients can trust Griswold Law Firm to not unnecessarily increase friction and chaos at the expense of our clients and their pocketbooks!  While Griswold Law Firm intently focuses on our clients' needs, we always maintain the highest standards of integrity and honesty.




The law comprises a vast sea of information that is in a constant state of flux.  Success in resolving legal conflicts hinges on the mastery of details, both factual and legal, which the average lawyer might miss.  At Griswold Law Firm, we carefully listen to our clients' needs, and pay particular attention to the details of their cases so we don't miss any important details. 




The law is by far not a perfect tool to resolve conflicts, but it is often the only tool available, and can be very effective if applied correctly.  The practice of law can be a noble calling when undertaken by those with noble mindsets.  While the goal of Griswold Law Firm is to use the law to promote harmony in society by helping clients overcome their legal hurdles and push back against bullies, we measure success primarily by the long-term relationships we build with our clients.



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